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About Neutra & Chic


Neutra & Chic started as a dream. Someone would look at me and ask "in your dream world, what would you want to do?" The answer was always so simple to me. Without hesitation, I would say "I want to own a store." The thing was it was my dream. Never in a million years did I ever think it would happen.

My love for fashion started at a very young age. I was the kind of kid that would change my outfit three to four times a day just because I could, and it made me happy! It's one of those things that never changed and I don't think it ever will. 
Fast forward to high school and even college, I was always the girl that my friends came to for fashion advice. I loved the idea of making them feel good and confident in their outfit. I was also the girl that would get up every day and do my hair and makeup and put on a cute outfit. People always asked why I took the time and how I had the energy but for me, it was the feeling I got when I had a good outfit on. The feeling like I could be my most productive self and run the world. 

After graduating college, I worked a couple full-time jobs. As much as I loved the people I worked with and value everything I learned in those two jobs, I just never felt fulfilled. I felt like I was waking up every day and going through the motions. I dreaded going to work in the morning and counted down days until the weekend. It was only after a conversation with my mom that I decided Neutra & Chic didn't need to just be a dream. My goal was always a brick and mortar shop but online seemed like a great place to start! 

When I was thinking about the mission of Neutra & Chic, I was thinking about how I can be different. How many boutiques do you see with the same clothes, same vibes, etc? Because for me, it had been a lot. If I found a cute piece at one boutique, chances were I would find it another one too. This created somewhat of a fear inside of me. How are women supposed to stand out with pieces that everyone is wearing? For this reason, I live on the words UNIQUE & TIMELESS. I shop my booty off hand-selecting pieces for the site that fit these two words. My rule is if I've seen it, I don't buy it. Along with that, I want to fill women's wardrobes with pieces that are stylish now and will be stylish ten years from now. 

I'm writing this about one year into the business. When I read the about info from the first time I wrote it, it just didn't feel relevant anymore. And, I wanted to be completely open with you. I wanted to really share a piece of my heart. Let me tell you, this is NOT an easy journey. It has been an absolute roller coaster from the start. The highs are so, so high but the lows are very low. But I wouldn't change it for anything. I love the idea that my clothes have the power to make a woman completely change her attitude. Really, I'm just selling confidence one piece at a time. 

So, stay a while. Take a look and find that piece that is going to change your attitude the next time you put it on.

xx - Kally